We are located in a strip mall, so we have a big parking lot for you to navigate. Once you find your parking spot, you will see smiling faces waiting to welcome you. As you approach, you will walk the red carpet that we have rolled out just for you. Our lovely greeters will open the door and you will begin the process of being wrapped in love, as you make your way through the LOVE TUNNEL and into the sanctuary.
Services begin at 8:30AM (Spanish), 10:30AM and 12PM. Come early to save your friends and family a seat!
Ask God! Here at The Get Wrapped Church, we make every effort to allow God to have His way. However that may end up looking or lasting, only He knows.
We are a non-denominational church. We are spirit-filled, yet firmly anchored in His unadulterated Word. We are real people with real problems and real solutions.
Our worship is Holy Spirit lead. With a mostly contemporary style, we do play popular songs, but we also take our time worshipping our King. You are welcomed to sit, however, you will find that most people stand with lifted hands.
All that we ask is that you be you. From suits to jeans and a t-shirt, you will be sure to blend in.
The Get Wrapped Church has quite the variety. We are a diverse church filled with loving people of every age.
Servants are always in demand. We have various teams you can join and we believe that many hands make a light load. Ask about our quarterly Wrap Track, to determine where and when you would like to serve. #goWrap

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