It brings us great honor to introduce our men’s group that we call Get Wrapped Men (GWM). Here at the Get Wrapped Church we believe in raising mighty men of Valor who are not afraid to live a righteous, pure, and fun life for God. Men are created to be the head and not the tail, men are what God considers to be protectors, leaders, soilders, and most of all loving, kind and gentle individuals.

We understand the pressures of life can be difficult for men. From pride, money, bills, relationship, temptations, etc. Our men’s ministry teach how to deal with these struggles, through the Word of God and help develop and maintain a lifestyle that can overcome any situation that may present itself. We take pride in raising men up that can pray at home, be a father to their kids, a better son, and a better husband to their wife, and most of all a better servant to our heavenly father.

GWM believe fellowship with each other is key to being a man of God, the brothers have fun like playing softball, basketball, having breakfasts, gathering at each others homes for football games, etc…. we encourage each other with prayer and accountability. Our pastor Juan Martinez has supported GWM and we would love to have you as a part of this New Era that is moved by God’s hand.

GWM 2017 Fall Semester, start date, location, and time TBA.