Mission Statement:
Heels to Halos is called to show and plant seeds of love and God’s Word into the hearts of women who are lost and broken. We are a vessel to be used in anyway the Lord would will guide us. Once a seed is planted, the Lord will water and grow the seed for a harvest. We are here to help women step into the calling God has for their life. Helping them fulfill God’s given purpose for there futures. We are here to love, cry with, and be a trusting sister for these women. They will have a great church covering at Wrapped In The Love Of Christ as they come into the Lords house. We have people from all different backgrounds to love them, and encourage them. Letting God work in there hearts, and transform their lives!

Megan was called to go into dark places and share the gospel to women who are lost, broken, and in need of a touch from their heavenly father. Megan knows what it feels like to desperately need a touch that no other human, drug, sex, or worldly person could offer. Megan has walked in there shoes. She ran from the Lord at the age of eighteen right into the arms of satan. She began manipulating, hurting, and destroying the lives of herself, and other women. Megan would lead women down the same path she was on, and they would all follow her in the path of destruction. Megan had put on the stripper shoes, the mask, and crown of evil and began dancing, drinking, and this led to a severe use of cocaine and addiction to dancing. Megan spent six solid months never seeing natural daylight. Her addiction of cocaine and dancing was so deep, the thought of hearing birds chirp, the sun, or hearing laughter made her violent and full of rage…” I loved everything about the darkness” “If it was good, I ran.”

God changed all of this in one moment. After sitting in a bathroom after taking multiple pills, with a razor blade in one hand, and demons around her, she soon came to feel her heavenly fathers love. She was so radical for satan, God had to show up in a radical way to get her attention. Megan has now been eleven years out of the club business, no more drugs, alcohol or demons. Megan now goes into the strip clubs to tell the same women of God’s love and what he has delivered her from. Letting them know she has been there, done that dance, and the Lord can and will save them. She goes into the same exact clubs in Houston that she actually danced in and caused lives to be destroyed. Watching God’s presence fall in these dark, demonic clubs on a girl, and seeing the tears fall, are moments Megan will hold onto forever. The Lord will turn around the destruction she caused for good. God’s love is now a light for all women to see. She will not stop, not shut up, not stop being bold for the cause of the lord. We are building an army, and there will soon be women being delivered all over Houston from a touch from God.

If you would like more info:
Email: megan@heelstohalos
Website: www.heelstohalos.com